Association Visitors

This is probably the single most important thing those living with MND and their carers believe the Branch does for them – provide an ‘informed friend’ through the Association Visitor (AV) scheme.

The AV can help you navigate the information out there to find what is right and relevant for you, someone for you offload your worries or frustrations to, help with filling in benefit forms, make financial aid requests to the Committee on your behalf and much more.

The AV is there to know your personal circumstances and situation, which can be difficult for Health & Social Care Professionals to have the time to do. They are someone you can turn to in a difficult situation or to help you have / consider some of the hard decisions that need to be made through your journey with MND.

The carers and families are very much at the forefront of the AVs mind because they too experience MND as well as having the physical and emotional strains involved in caring for a loved one.

This service is provided totally free, and to whatever frequency you feel you want. All AVs are well trained and experienced to ensure you have the best possible service from the Branch.

If you have any queries about this service or would like to find out more, please contact Chris Sheridan on 01444 245486 or