Become an Association Visitor (AV)

As potentially the most important service the Branch provides, the AV is a crucial and hugely rewarding role. If you think you can provide the much needed guidance and support to people in their hour of need, get in touch.

After a combination of interviews, distant learning, teaching and experiential training you too can become an AV. By becoming the linchpin for people living with MND and their carer – being someone they can offload their worries to, to making financial aid requests to the Branch or just being that understanding friend.

Knowing that you’ve been able to help people through this difficult time, is a hugely humbling experience, being allowed into someone’s home during their journey through MND and helping them through some of the hard decisions and experiences. But you’ll go home knowing you’ve helped someone through a difficult situation.

To find out more about the role, please visit the national MND Association website. Or to talk to someone about potentially becoming an AV contact Vice Chair, Chris Sheridan.